Ilka List

List sculpts her powerful stories, dreams and personal experiences into narrative motifs in terra cotta. Her themes, characters and stories are often layered with symbolic imagery, subconscious dialog, and enlightened self-awareness.

Ilka List has a MFA in sculpture from SUNY, New Paltz, and a Doctorate in Art and Art Professions from NYU.  As an architectural artist she created murals and/or terracotta installations in Bridgeport and New Haven, CT, as well as in Dexter and Bucksport, ME, and Santa Ana, CA.  More recently, she completed a series of nature/science murals and exhibits for the Mohonk Preserve in New Paltz, NY.   Among her notable collectors, she includes Mary Gordon, Malachy McCourt, actor Richard Harris and musical genius James Brown. She has been represented by The Environment Gallery and the Smith Gallery, NYC.   In 2007, List had a solo retrospective exhibit of sculpture, paintings, and drawings at the Woodstock Art Association and Museum in Woodstock, NY.

For several years List taught sculpture at the Woodstock School of Art.   Her drawings illustrate children’s books published by Four Winds Press, Scholastic Books, and Obolensky, as well as many independently published books and journals.

Her sculpture, drawings, and paintings closely follow her emotional and intellectual interests, often incorporating her experiences in the natural world, literally, or imaginatively.  List believes that aspects of the natural world allow us symbolic access to the deeper reaches of our souls.


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