John Kahn’s Fundraiser Spectacular

John Kahn truly fits the clichéd term Renaissance Man to a tee – artist, sculptor, fabricator, inventor, engineer, all fit

Perhaps his most famous work was done for Muppet’s creator and puppeteer Jim Henson. Not only did Kahn tackle complex projects like the Muppet’s Town House, (NYC), sets and costumes for the Fragglerock Touring Company, he also designed and renovated Hensen’s personal residence in Saugerties, NY.

At the same time John Kahn created amazing mobiles and figurative sculpture of almost indescribable whimsy…he also designed and built his own circular, five story house!

In recent years Kahn has taken on a new cause celebre – that of re-kindling the art and culture of Easter Island. The artist fell in love with the people and the place!

A startling decision was made in 2007 to sell his magnificent house and all of the artwork therein. The proceeds were used to establish The Easter Island ECHO Foundation. In other words, provide funds to establish the skill and knowledge of the island’s indigenous culture. To this end, the James Cox Gallery organized a benefit auction and John raised sufficient revenue to launch his South Pacific project.

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