Starry Nights at the Ellipse

On August 7th, 2011, the James Cox Gallery hosted the first of what is envisioned to be a summertime series of live talent exhibitions.

Gospel music under the direction of Elder Albert Cook was showcased that evening.  The fifteen-member choir hails from the Kingston Seventh Day Adventist Church and their infectious precision, harmony, and rhythm echoed throughout the surrounding Catskill Mountains, creating a truly magical experience.

An appreciative audience enjoyed the choir’s “Big Sound” which progressively became integrated with the second featured talent of the evening.  Storyteller Keith Munslow traveled from Providence Rhode Island to add touching narratives to the program.  His deeply personal stories provided a theme of transformation that coupled perfectly with the night’s spiritual music.  Munslow himself, a keyboard blues musician, joined with the vocalists in a memorable finale.

Together, the storyteller and choir christened the gallery’s new thirty-foot elliptical outdoor stage, providing good vibes for future performances.

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