For over thirty years James Cox has been called upon to select and supervise artists to create artwork for very specialized purposes.

Portraits are a major category of commissioned artwork and we have successfully matched subject and artist to create great works of art which capture the true nature of the subject. Official portraits for offices and institutions, highly personal paintings of husbands, wives and children and portraits of departed family members have all been realized with skill and sensitivity.

James Cox also organized artists to document the building and launch of the first space shuttle, Columbia, for the its builder, Rockwell International Corporation.

A life-size bronze sculpture group was completed to commemorate the founders of Citizen’s Bank, Raleigh, NC. under our auspices.

The possibilities for specially commissioned works of art are endless – murals, tapestries, miniatures and many other unique artistic expressions may ennoble and commemorate better than any other means.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your ideas. We may be able to help you bring your notion or personal desire to physical fruition in the form of a fine work of art.

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